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HACA members, non-members and sponsors can pay electronically for HACA luncheons/workshops, golf events, sponsorships, and donations to the Herb Winter Scholarship Fund with VISA, Mastercard or American Express at this secure payment gateway.

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  Herb Winter Scholarship Fund Donations


Tax-Deductible Donation to the Herb Winter Scholarship Fund

Do not enter $ sign, comma, or decimal. Example, enter $100.00 as 100



Luncheon Admission Fees

8 September 2016

Luncheon - HACA Member(s)                            

cost per member:

Luncheon - Non-Member(s)                   

cost per non-member:

Luncheon - Student(s)                             


cost per student:

Golf Tournament Player Fees

Monday, May 15 2017


Players - HACA Member(s)    

cost per member player:

Players - Non-Member(s)                   


cost per non-member player:
  Golf Tournament Awards Dinner-Only Fees

Monday, May 15 2017


Awards Dinner Only - HACA Member(s)

cost per member:

Awards Dinner Only - Non-Member(s)        


cost per non-member:
  Golf Tournament Sponsorship Categories

Monday, May 15 2017


Hole Sponsor                                          


cost per sponsor, per hole:

Dinner Sponsor                                       


cost per sponsor:

Lunch Sponsor                                        


cost per sponsor:

Trophies Sponsor                                    


cost per sponsor:

Platinum Sponsor                                    


cost per sponsor:

Gold Sponsor                                        


cost per sponsor:

Silver Sponsor                                        


cost per sponsor:





Golf Fractional Sponsorship

Monday, May 15 2017

Fractional Golf Sponsorship Payment

(Fractional sponsorships not applicable for hole sponsors)

without prior approval from
Starr Vail or Todd Stephens.




enter fractional payment amount:

*Do not enter $ sign, comma, or decimal. (enter $100.00 as 100)







For answers to questions about golf tournament sponsorship
availability and fees, please contact:


Frank Files


Todd Stephens




THANK YOU for your continued support of HACA!